Looking for your dream apartment in Munich for quite some time?

Frustrated by mass viewings and constant rejections?
No time to go for flat hunting yourself?

No problem.

Because when I search an apartment, I do (almost) everything differently than you know it.

With success.

We'll find your home bliss!





I don't just find "any" apartment for you.

I will find your new home, just as you wished at the beginning of the search!


I don't just get you a viewing appointment.

I will do everything I can to make sure that you are the lucky one who signs the lease at the end!


I'm not just going to keep looking until we find something.

I give my all, so that you usually move in even faster than expected!

Your personal home bliss finder:
Uta Herzberg

Why am I so sure I am going to find your home bliss?

Because I do (almost) everything differently than you know it.


As true "home bliss finder", I have many more options than a real estate agent. I am completely independent and therefore have access to the entire market of available rental properties while we search for your new home. This increases your chances of success many times over! And contrary to common market practice, I take - instead of a commission amounting to several months' rent - a contractually fixed and fair "finder's fee".


Despite my independence, I benefit from many valuable experiences from over 15 years of successful work - initially as real estate agent and now as relocation consultant in the Munich area. Over the last 5 years, I "produced" hundreds of happy clients - ranging from employees relocating to Munich from all over the world to Munich residents who simply look for a new home within their loved home town.


I don't accept "impossible". I always fight with heart and mind for my clients as if it were for my own apartment! That ultimately pays off for you. Because "home bliss" can only be felt by those who are the ones actually signing the rental contract.


The search for a new home is a very personal and emotional process. I understand and respect that. I want to be a trustworthy partner at your side until you sign the rental contract - a partner who listens, understands and secures your home bliss.


I maintain intensive personal contacts with various property management companies, housing associations, estate agents and owners, who regularly inform me about new available rental properties. As a result, I very often have exclusive access to properties that are not yet "on the market". This gives you an invaluable "head start".

Success Rate

So far, all customers who fully entrusted us with the search for their new home have ended up moving into a flat/house according to their wishes! Many were completely surprised how quickly this was achieved. Others could hardly believe that they really won the bid for their dream flat. 
Home bliss can be so simple!

This is how I've already helped hundreds of happy clients to find their new home in Munich.

Vlad for example, who moved into his new apartment in the middle of Schwabing only 3 days(!) after our first phone call...

...or Angela, who can't believe her bliss in living in the heart of the wonderful neighborhood of Alt-Bogenhausen...

...or Munawar, who absolutely wanted to live centrally and can now call a fantastic old building flat directly at the Isartor his home:

But just read and listen for yourself...

That's what our happy clients say!

Google Reviews
(Source: https://maps.app.goo.gl/rhnx42ggCfKLxais9)

Caroline S.

After half a year of searching for an apartment in vain, we hired Uta Herzberg. She really searches for and finds the apartment we had in mind. You save yourself a lot of stress and pointless viewing appointments.
If we were to look for an apartment again (which we don't think we will, because we are perfectly happy ;-)) we would definitely contact Uta Herzberg again. Her network and persistence pay off!
(translated from German)

László Pintér

Working with Uta was a pleasure, and her results speak volumes about her capabilities. Her dedication, professionalism, and efficiency turned what could have been a daunting process into a swift and enjoyable experience.
Without a doubt, Uta is an exceptional professional in her field, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking a seamless and successful home-finding journey.

Jonas J.

Thank you Uta!!! Thanks to your "all-round carefree" support, we found - and got - a great apartment for our move from Berlin to Munich.
In addition to the actual search for the apartment, we can highly recommend using Uta's other services, such as discussing the rental contract and handing over the apartment.
We felt we were in good hands and can now move into our new apartment in Munich

(translated from German)

Iselie Iglesias

Easy and uncomplicated!
Uta is such a lovely lady that really cares for you! She helped me find my first home in Munich and I love it! She was very keen to hear my requirements and managed to find a lovely place for me within my budget!!

Elona Dika

Great service, we were lucky to have Uta and use her services for finding an apartment in Munich. She made our relocation so much easier. Besides our agreed services she helped us many times with translation and other things. If you want to find an apartment fast in the impossible Munich and have your wishes heard then definitely recommended.

Bärbel Schinner-Ecin
Alsaol Immobilien & Hausverwaltungs GmbH

We have been working successfully with Ms. Herzberg for many years. Ms. Herzberg is characterized by her competence, high flexibility and outstanding expertise. In addition, she is cordial, provides individual personal advice and is remarkably conscientious and responsible in her dealings with all our clients, which is of the utmost importance to us.
An absolutely 100% recommendation!

(translated from German)

Markus Sein

Very competent and personalised advice. We feel very comfortable in our new flat!
We would do it again at any time.

(translated from German)

Longji Ma

This is one of the best services I have ever received.
The service was very professional, and helpful, and Uta helped me last year to find a great apartment with rather fair rent in a top location in less than 2 weeks - she’s also very friendly and passionate.
After almost one year living in my apartment, I am still very satisfied. Therefore I would highly recommend you to reach out to them for their support - you will not regret it !!
Big shout out to Uta

Signe Ines P.

You would actually have to award ten stars! Uta did a really excellent job and not only found my dream apartment in Munich within a short space of time, but also "fought" for it. When you work with her, you quickly realize that she enjoys her job, puts her heart and soul into it and that the customer is really important to her. For me, she is Munich's home happiness finder. Many thanks to you, dear Uta.
(translated from German)

Ilya Lokshin

Uta Herzberg helped us a lot with an apartment search in June 2022.
In that tight market when no options were available, via her personal connections she was able to secure an apartment for us which was not even on the market.
Uta is very cooperative and friendly, was with us from the beginning of the search till the apartment handover.

Videos from happy clients

"Working with Uta was just a dream!"

I also lived in Munich a few years ago and know that it can be a nightmare to find an apartment here.

But working with Uta was just a dream!

She did a very good research and found an apartment that exactly met my needs.

It is a beautiful apartment in a renovated old building, right in the city centre, exactly what I wanted.

I can only recommend everyone to work with Uta.

Thank you Uta!

Relocation from the USA

"I found my happy home in Munich.
Thanks Uta!"

Three months ago I asked Uta to find a one bedroom apartment for me.

I was amazed at how intensively she searched, and how fiercely she fought for the apartments that I liked.

But what can I say: I now enjoy a drink, after home office, on my balcony, with a very, very nice view, and I am very, very pleased.

I found my happy home in Munich. Thanks Uta!


Relocation from Augsburg

"After three days, I moved in. Crazy!"

I was at home in St. Petersburg when I called Uta.

And then I asked if it was possible to find an apartment in Munich.

After three days I moved in.


Now I live in Munich and I am very happy.


Relocation from St. Petersburg

"And now I'm living here in my dream apartment and I'm infinitely happy!"

I was also born in Munich and after many years in Berlin I moved back to Munich.

I looked for an apartment for several months and found none.

While looking for an apartment, I met Uta, and she found me an apartment within a few days - in my dream neighborhood Bogenhausen.

And now I'm living here in my dream apartment and I'm infinitely happy.

Thank you again!


Relocation from Berlin

"Thanks to Uta, we managed to secure a lovely apartment we now call our home!"

We recently moved to Munich from the USA.

The first month was a really difficult time for us, as we were rejected two times for two apartments that we really liked.

On top of that, the Corona crisis made it even more difficult.

But thanks to Uta, we managed to secure a lovely apartment we now call our home.

Duran und Amanda

Relocation from the USA